Pet Urine Treatment in Lexington Ky

We can help solve your pet urine problems with your carpet in Lexington Ky.

We know your pets are a big part of your family, however when you have pets accidents can occur.  Pet urine and other accidents pets can have will have a negative effect on your carpeting, if they are not addressed and treated.

TEC Carpet Cleaning offers treatment options for your carpet in the event of pet accidents.  If you have pet stains or pet odor problems associated with the accidents your pet has had, we can help you.  We help numerous pet owners in the Lexington Ky area with pet urine problems each year.

Questions about our pet urine treatment options, please call (859) 948-9608.

Problems with pet urine and your carpet.

Not only does pet urine cause unsightly stains on your carpet, these urine stains cause odor as well.  This will have a negative effect on the way your home looks but it is also unsanitary as well.  We have options to help you treat the pet urine stains on your carpet and make your home look and smell much better.

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Below is a photo of a severe pet urine problem that I treated in Lexington Ky.

The problem below was caused by 2 very large dogs, that had taken over the basement in this Lexington Ky home.  You can see by the photo below- that the stains left from the pet urine are very severe in the photo.  After the treatment process and steam cleaning the after photo shows a vast improvement of the area that was treated, we can help you with your pet urine problems, too.  The odor was also dramatically improved in this particular job as well, this client was absolutely thrilled with the results that we were able to achieve.

Pet Odor Treatment Lexington, KY

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and inquiring about our pet urine treatment options in the Lexington Ky area– if you have any questions, please give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you and earning your business.  Ed

(859) 948-9608



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