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Mattress CleaningIs your mattress clean?  We offer mattress cleaning.

Have you had your mattress cleaned lately?  It’s a really good idea to keep your mattress and bedding clean.  We offer mattress cleaning to Lexington KY area residents.

Do you suffer from allergies?  Some of your allergy trouble could be from what is in your mattress.  A lot of harmful things can reside in your mattress, including dust, dust mites, dead skin and the list goes on.  You spend a great deal of time in your bed and bedroom, call us to provide mattress cleaning, you might just sleep a little better at night.  Our deep down cleaning process will help get rid of those pesky things, that could be causing you problems.

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Are dust mites living in your mattress?

Are dust mites living in your mattress?

Tell me more about your mattress cleaning service.

To learn more about our service– mattress cleaning visit our mattress cleaning page.  It will provide additional information on our mattress cleaning service.

When to schedule your mattress cleaning appointment?

A lot of my clients schedule their mattress cleaning appointment at the same time we are providing their carpet cleaning service.  It really doesn’t require a great deal of additional time to provide our mattress cleaning service.  We can schedule your mattress cleaning at your convenience, either with or without additional services.  Give us a call today.

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