How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

Carpet CleanerHow many times a year should I have my carpet cleaned, by a professional carpet cleaner?

That is a good question and there is no right answer.  It is really going to depend on the amount of traffic you have in your home.  If you have pets and children having accidents on your carpet, etc.  If this is the case, you might want to consider having your carpet cleaned, two to three times a year. By properly maintaining your carpeting, you can protect your investment.  It’s just like taking care of your automobile, proper maintenance will provide long life, it’s no different with your carpet.  If you neglect the important things, like proper vacuuming and hiring a professional carpet cleaner, your carpet will NOT last nearly as long.

A good rule of thumb is to have your carpet cleaned at least once per year by a professional carpet cleaner.  Some of my clients, that have pets or children, clean twice or three times a year.  Your particular situation may vary.  Give me a call so when can discuss your carpet cleaning needs.

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I am a professional carpet cleaner, in the Lexington KY area.

My business name is TEC Carpet Cleaning, for short- or Take Extra Care Carpet Cleaning.  I have been providing services in the Lexington KY area for quite a few years.  When you are in search of a professional carpet cleaner, you want to make sure you find a company you can TRUST.  TEC Carpet Cleaning of Lexington KY is that COMPANY.

  • TEC Carpet Cleaning is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating.
  • TEC Carpet Cleaning is owned and operated by a former police officer.
  • TEC Carpet Cleaning can provide excellent references, both residential and commercial.
  • TEC Carpet Cleaning is insured and bonded.

How much does carpet cleaning cost, when you hire a professional carpet cleaner?

That is a great question and like everything else, not all professional carpet cleaners charge the same.  I try to keep my prices for carpet cleaning, very reasonable.  If you find a price for carpet cleaning services that is really low, it might be too good to be true.  I would be sure and check references on that particular company.  You can view our coupon page by clicking on the link below, I am also attaching a special for carpet cleaning and hard surface cleaning in the Lexington KY area, the coupon is below.

TEC Carpet Cleaning’s Coupon Page

TEC Carpet Cleaning Services Lexington, Kentucky

If you have any questions about any of our services, please give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for your time.  Ed

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