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Dry Carpet Cleaning LexingtonWe offer dry carpet cleaning methods in Lexington Ky.

TEC Carpet Cleaning offers different methods of carpet cleaning for residents and businesses in the Lexington Ky area.  We offer truck mounted steam cleaning carpet cleaning but did you know that we also offer dry carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning, as well?  We offer this method of carpet cleaning usually to local businesses in the Lexington area.

Our dry carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning method works really well on commercial type carpeting.  This method of carpet cleaning can also be offered in a residential setting as well.

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Lets speculate for just a minute, your carpet is dirty or not looking it’s best.  You have just found out that you have an unexpected guest that is arriving from out of town on short notice.  What do you do?  You don’t want them to see your carpeting looking like this and you want to have it professionally cleaned and refreshed before your guests arrive.

You know that you don’t have 3 to 4 hours for drying time that is required for our steam carpet cleaning method, so your next best option is to give our dry carpet cleaning a try.  This method of carpet cleaning is usually dry within about an hour.  Your problem is solved, you will have clean carpet for your guests.  Not only will your carpet be clean, it will be dry too.

Our dry carpet cleaning method and commercial carpet.

We use our dry carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning to maintain commercial carpet.  Our repeat commercial clients expect their businesses to look their best and with the combination of our steam cleaning and routine maintenance dry carpet cleanings, our clients carpets in their businesses are always in tip top shape.

When we acquire a new commercial carpet cleaning account, we like to meet with the clients to discuss their needs and the problem areas of the carpeting in their facility.  After the initial meeting, we will recommend a carpet cleaning schedule that will keep their commercial carpet looking great all the time.  Usually the way this is achieved is by offering a combination of our steam carpet cleaning and also our dry carpet cleaning method.  We will usually start by steam cleaning the carpet on the first visit to deeply clean their commercial carpet.  After the initial cleaning, we can then offer periodic dry carpet cleaning visits to keep the carpet looking great.  This schedule of cleaning works really well with maintaining commercial carpet.

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